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Archie's Way




This story is the result of blood, sweat, tears and several Tube journeys. We took our initial inspiration from the indefatigable Geoff Marshall and his enthusiasm for the London Tube Challenge. In a moment of madness, Dani and I decided it would be ‘fun’ to embark upon such a challenge. Little did we know how much planning would be involved (thanks, Mummy!) and equally how much stamina would be required. As I flagged half-way down the Piccadilly Line after five hours or so, Dani’s energy increased - a testament both to him and his passion. He completed his first London Tube Challenge on September 1, 2014 in a remarkable time of 19 hours, 13 minutes and 5 seconds. Moreover, at the age of seven years, five months and 22 days we believe he still remains the youngest person on record to have completed the challenge. Just as importantly, he raised over £1000 for the charity Trekstock, who educate young people about avoidable cancer risks. From this ‘moment of madness’, the idea of ‘Archie’ was born.


While this a fictional story, it is based on fact. There ARE remnants of a plague pit underneath where Aldgate Station now lies and people HAVE seen the Aldgate Ghost. Liverpool Street Station now rests on the site of the Old Bethlem Hospital and The Hoop and Grapes pub remains the oldest Public House in the City of London. I would like to thank the current landlord, Dan Bell, for taking me down to the cellars of the pub and relaying to me his own ghostly experiences...


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