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Archie's Way




Archie's Way

‘Archie’s Way’ is a story about 11 year old Archie, who has a rather unique mind and way of seeing things. He loves numbers and trains but hates being late and his Dad’s embarrassing jokes. Undertaking the London Tube Challenge with his Dad, Archie finds himself not only looking back into the past but also forward to the future in order to solve a mystery and help the strange, ghostly figure of Eugene Reeves. Along the journey, Archie also realises why his favourite school classmate, Felicity Fishmonger, is sometimes cruel to him but deep down is a really good person.


Archie and the Icelandic Mystery


Archie is off on another adventure! This time, after  his exploits on the London Underground, he has a mystery to solve on the fascinating island of Iceland.

When Archie's Dad, a lecturer in Medieval History at the local university, has to visit Iceland for a weekend to research the remote island of Viðey, two kilometres from the mainland, he decides to take Archie with him.

They are met on Viðey by the renowned and fierce Icelandic archaeologist Professor Margret Magnusdottir, their host for the weekend, and Reverend Gudjonson, minister of Viðey Church.

From Reverend Gudjonson, Archie and his Dad learn that a foreign businessman, Hank Trumpslick, is trying to turn the beautiful and historical Viðey House and Church into a hotel for his own financial gain.

Learning more about the island of Viðey, Archie and his Dad realise the wonderful history and ancient stories belonging to the island and decide to help Reverend Gudjonson in his fight against Hank Trumpslick and his greedy plans for the hotel.

But what are Professor Magnusdottir's real motives? As Archie and his Dad find themselves locked in the ancient Church of Viðey, they realise Professor Magnusdottir has equally selfish plans. With the help of a mysterious island spirit - one of the so-called 'hidden people' - Archie must stop Trumpslick before it's too late...

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